Annual Deadline: April 15. 11:59 PM (every year, always)

Gallery 101 hosts 4-6 exhibitions each year, as well as film screenings, lectures, performances and other activities. As an artist-run-centre, we support experimentation, research, and risk-taking in visual, media, and performance arts that explore self-representation of decolonizing, intersectional counter-narratives. We pay professional artist fees in accordance with CARFAC standards.

Artists and curators at all stages of their careers, nationally or internationally, and working in any media or discipline, including performance and media arts, are welcome to apply. Individual and group show proposals are welcome.

Proposals must be sent to via WeTransfer (see guidelines below)

We no longer accept hardcopy proposals.


Proposal Guidelines

New: Check out our Proposal Tips for preparing your application.

Due to the number of proposals we receive, it's important to streamline the process for our Selections Committee as much as possible. Please make sure to format your proposal to G101 according to our guidelines. This is an example of what your proposal folder should look like.

Please send your proposals as one transfer (Parts A & B together) to via

(Note: you don't have to create a WeTransfer account in order to use it)

Put Your Name-Proposal [year] in the WeTransfer message.


Part A – Proposal & background

Please submit Part A in this order as one .pdf document titled FirstnameLastname_ExhibitionTitle.pdf

  1. Cover page with your name, place of residence, email address, and phone number
  2. Artist Bio (200 words or less)
    For Group Proposals, include one bio (max 200 words) for each member
  3. Proposal Concept: what themes or ideas are you exploring in this proposal, and how do they fit with Gallery101’s mandate, mission, and values? (250 words or less)
    For a Group Proposal, include the one proposal concept that unifies the group.
  4. Project: describe what the physical exhibition installation or performance will look like (200 words or less)
    Some things to consider:
    Will pieces be mounted on walls or plinths?
    What are the sizes of the pieces?
    Is the work interactive?
    Will you need A/V equipment? 
    What colour(s) should the walls be?
    Any other details about your vision for the installation or performance

Please see our floorplans (linked below) and recent exhibitions for a sense of our current facilities.

  1. Ideas for related outreach programming facilitated by you (examples: workshops, film screenings, performances, round table discussions with community groups or organizations relevant to your work etc).
  2. Support Material list

  Include title, dimensions, year created (if applicable), materials/medium and 1-2 sentence descriptions for each piece.

  If submitting video/audio material, include the links here. Do not send video or audio files.
Important: Please cue links to the most compelling moments.

Part B – Support Material

Please note that the Selections Committee can only allocate 7 minutes per application. Select your support materials with this time constraint in mind.

Images: up to 12 jpgs, 72 dpi, minimum 1024x768 pixels, labelled in the order you would like them to appear: e.g. FirstnameLastname_01Title.jpg

For a group proposal, the maximum number of images is stil 12. You can choose how to allocate the number of images per group member. Submit images as individual jpg or png files.


Video/audio: List up to 5 Vimeo or YouTube links - do not send video or audio files. Please set links to be queued up to the parts you want the jury to see or hear.


If these submission guidelines present barriers please reach out to Director/Curator Laura Margita, to discuss alternative proposal formats: or 613-230-2799

If you have any questions or need help with any of the technical aspects of the proposal submission, please reach out to

Downloadable Files: