Angel Rosey Flying In The Bird House, 2014 • Snow White Shapes, 2014 • I’m Wearing My Orange Jacket, 2014
The Angel is flying again with red roses in her hair. Flying with blue and green birds. Bluebird again. Roses are purple. The clouds are blue, my jeans are blue. The sign is orange. White angel wings. Angel is going to her work at Y’s Owl Maclure program where she does her nails, she buys her lunch, watch a movie. She makes flower poppies. When Alanna is done at work, on her way home she sees the cat chasing after the birds hugs Alanna and says thank you for the coffee.
Alana Price is smart. She acknowledges that Angel Rosey is a fantasy; that is how she manages to fit inside the birdhouse and keep those birds safe. She understands how fragile a bird’s life is. She knows that they are safer in the house but that they can’t stay in there forever. Although Price enjoys narrative and figurative art, she is also committed to the colour field abstraction we see in I’m Wearing My Orange Jacket and the pattern making in Snow White Shapes. H'Art of Ottawa