Anique is an Australian cultural strategist, curator and artist-researcher.

Currently based in Montréal, she is exploring the applied philosophy of collective political agency, alongside curatorial tactics in collective memory and pedagogy. This practice is focused through research-creation residencies with SenseLab and the Centre for Ethnographic Research in the Aftermath of Violence (CEREV) at Concordia University, as well as the Design Studio for Social Intervention in Boston. Her most recent publication, 'The (un)choreography of Dance Politics' with Joel E. Mason, was published in the latest Inflexions journal issue: Radical Pedagogies.

Anique holds a Masters of Studies from Australian National University spanning participatory development, international policy, and cultural landscapes of digital and urban publics. She is also a Fellow from the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Her creative collaborations traverse provocative cultural interpretations, participatory data mapping, productive fictions of possible futures and environmental portraiture. As a consultant, she focuses on experimental placemaking and public art, as well as creative community engagement strategies.