Clara Venice is a young singer and one-girl multi-instrument band, whose live performance is a high-wire act that must be seen and heard to be believed. She is a classically trained violinist, a songwriter with pop sensibility, and one of the only people in the world who can play the theremin - the worlds first electronic instrument, often cited as the most challenging to play. In her live show, Clara sings and plays an array of instruments including theremin, electric violin, electric guitar, ukulele and glockenspiel. She is accompanied by an electronic orchestra, in which she has composed and performed every part. Clara plays original songs, often developed out of classical music samples and remixed as pop. Apart from her own songs, she also performs an unusual but carefully chosen selection of covers ranging from surf punk to old country to top-40 to French torch songs. All the songs she sings have one thing in common: they are all about love. Apart from the virtuosic musical elements of her show, Clara’s performances have an arresting visual style involving a multitude of costume, hair and makeup transformations from 21st century burlesque to Tokyo street style. The background for all her shows are song-specific, original projections by visual artist Ken Ogawa, whose haunting yet playful animations create a magical setting for her performances.