Muskwa Wawashke / Ginnifer Menominee is Anishinaabe (Potawatomi/Ojibway) from Wasauksing First Nation, in Ontario’s Anishinabek territory (Robinson-Huron treaty). Ginnifer is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist and educator with a practice based in community and land. Their work explores various subjects, including: Indigeneity, Two-spirit identity, knowledge sharing, liminal spaces, and the deeply interconnected relationship between the Manomin (The Good Seed, or Wild Rice), their ancestral origins, and place. Informed by their community’s travels across Ontario and parts of the United States, Ginnifer explores their connection to land, language, history, water, food, and plant medicines. Their work addresses the profound grief felt by their ancestors, and the intergenerational traumas caused by the loss of the community’s long-standing relationship with Manomin, when they were forced to flee their homelands. They have also been expanding their comprehension of these intersections through traditional oral stories and dialogues with knowledge holders in the community, particularly how they weave these learnings into their practices.