HELENE LACELLE is a self taught Canadian artist living in Chipman, NB. After fifteen years living, painting and showing on Queen West in Toronto, LACELLE was selected by the NFB as one of five persons to represent Ontario artists in a half hour documentary, 'NOMADE'. During the mid 90's she set out on a two-year tour showing her art across Canada in various venues. When she returned her work was selected to show at Karsh-Masson Gallery. As well she has been represented/shown at Sweet Mabel Gallery-Philadelphia, Trinity Gallery-St. John, Robert Birch Gallery-Toronto, U of Mexico- Mexico City, OutsiderArt Gallery - Atlanta, Polo Gallery- Vancouver. A few years ago, she took computer courses at Algonquin College. Through eBay, ETSY and the WWW, LACELLE now has an international audience for her art. More recently, with a group of women in Sandy Hill they've formed a club called S.H.A.C., Sandy Hill Art Club. Together they've launched the hugely successful new craft show called 'Sandy Hill's ONE + ONLY Craft Fair. HELENE LACELLE is not only a recognized artist but also an actor/co-producer of several feature films and has illustrated several books and is the co-creator of the on-line publishing 'empire' bookshandmade.com yummihouse.wix.com/helenelacelle