Ken Ogawa (born in 1976 – Fukuoka, Japan) studied classical life drawing and painting techniques under local artist Hiraomi Abe (1920 – 2006). He moved to Toronto, Canada in the late 1990's and attended the Ontario College of Art & Design, where he continued his study of life drawing and painting. At the college he also started experimenting with sculptural work, which became his main interest by the time of his graduation in 2000. He began exhibiting his work at various galleries upon his graduation, the majority of his early works were interactive sculptural installation pieces that were made from everyday found objects, re-purposed and re-interpreted. In recent years, Ogawa began working on video and animated works, taking inspiration from stop motion animations and early Terry Gilliam animations; mixing series of original still photographies and stock photographies, manipulating and combining theses images in Photoshop, and creating frame-by-frame animation. In order to create dream like worlds, he combines these photography based animations with vector animations. Ogawa draws inspiration from a wide range of references and styles. He's been interested in occult philosophy for many years, researching various mysticism which includes Esoteric Buddhism and Western Magic. His interest in alternative sexuality also shapes the looks and ideology of his works. Ogawa has been working as a professional graphic designer since 2003, and has won numerous awards for his design.