Adornato was born in Montreal, Quebec, to Italian/French immigrants. He spent much of his childhood in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia before his family settled in Ottawa, Canada. In 2001, he received his Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has since exhibited in the Canadian War Museum, the National Art Gallery of Canada, the Bank of Canada's Currency Museum, and others across the country. He is currently represented by the Ottawa Art Gallery. Over the past decade, Adornato has been reflecting, reconfiguring, and critiquing the world around him through video mashups, sculpture, 2D work, performance, and sound. In 2002-2009, while suffering from 'future shock', Marc produced a series entitled "Anarchos Apokalypsis" where he burned, shredded and smashed shit to pieces. This 'assemblage/remix' style continues to be prevalent in Adornato’s current sculptural work. His latest creations are a historical-postmodern fusion entitled "Made in Canada" which consists of over 100 artworks that use objects and materials from over a century ago. This series reflects issues of the modern era, but is comprised of reconfigured antique, found, and reclaimed objects from approximately 1880s to 1970s and includes reclaimed wood, fragments of antique radios, gramophones, telephones, microphones, gas masks, vintage and antique cameras, vintage toys, animal furs, and antlers. Adornato creates his original and antiquated artwork at his 1400 sqft studio, steps away from Gatieau Park, near Ottawa.