Persephone, Spring Is Here, 2014 • Summer Is A Dream of Colour, Imagination, and Lights, 2014
Drama class, forest land-C, flower is B, Rainbow –B and C. She is feeling free like Persephone. Sun-spring being with her Hot Hot Hot. Waterfall she wants to be with Persephone. Growing plants, spring is here, she is mad so much, telling her not to go in the forest Hot Hot Day…..Dark? World? Land? Cold, cold cold and she is going away She did eat pomegranate seeds ….eat and going to get married. He is the King, to be with her. Demeter fall love….Demeter falling in love with her.
Marika Smart’s work is about family and community. It simultaneously represents safety and vulnerability, which is why we see the fence behind the houses at the lake in Summer Is A Dream of Colour, Imagination, and Lights. Smart is also an actor and recently played Persephone. In Persephone, Spring Is Here, the character is hiding on the other side of the tree. Smart has experienced Persephone’s vulnerability as she hides from her captor. She was also saved, and believes that spring is inside all of us even if it is hidden from sight.
H'Art of Ottawa