The Story Is All In One Big Family, 2014
What inspired the lovely girl Colleen Clarkson. She is very pretty and sweet young lady. She has loving parents who support and care and love her very much. Her beautiful mother Victoria Newman and Nick Newman and sister. She got married to a handsome man named Billy her husband. She has a little brother. My favourite part of my program is when Colleen’s mother invited Nick and Philys Newman’s family to their dream wedding. They want what they are hoping for.
As we all know, television is a spectator sport. The failed promise of community television means we remain on the outside looking in. Nadia Wadji opens a secret door into the Young and the Restless while guiding us towards a personal and pertinent analysis of the show. We enter a place of loss created by a drowned child, where families battle with sorrow and fierce infighting. Wadji knows that real parents aren’t like this, and she can deconstruct the dynamic while celebrating the beauty and mystery of the characters and the fascination of the overblown emotional narrative.
H'Art of Ottawa