I was born in Transylvania, Romania in a place called Zovany in Hungarian and Zauan in Romanian. This place "belonged" to another town called Ip in Romanian and Ipp in Hungarian, which is officially the name of my birthplace. My family moved to a city called Szilagy Somlyo in Hungarian and Simleul Silvaniei in Romanian, where I lived my teenage years. Following a forced stint of 16 months in the Romanian army, I moved to Cluj (Romanian) or Kolozsvar(Hungarian) for my fine art studies. From there I moved to Budapest, Hungary where I got married and continued my studies. What brought me to Ottawa was my wife who first came here as an exchange student.

Tavi Weisz is an Ottawa based visual artist. His work has been exhibited in cities in Canada and Europe. His practice involves painting, installation, video, performance. Please visit this website for more information