• 30/06/23

    Gallery 101 will be closed for the July 1st long weekend.In recent years, we’ve used this stat holiday to highlight 150+ years of on-going Indigenous resistance to the declaration of Canadian dominion on their traditional lands and territories.

    This year, we also stand with Chinese community members in remembering the 100th anniversary of Humiliation Day. On July 1st, 1923, Parliament passed the Chinese Immigration Act – also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act – to effectively block Chinese immigration to Canada. Over the 24 years that the Act was enforced, less than 50 Chinese immigrants were allowed into Canada, and a generation of families were separated.

    G101 honours and supports those who create art and share stories that do the difficult work of exposing the truths of Canada’s on-going colonial project, and of joyfully remembering, imagining, and nurturing worlds beyond it.

    Image: Uncovered Acts by Don Kwan in After Exclusion, Happy Fruit - a duo exhibition with Ed Kwan on until July 22.
    Photo: Shelby Lisk