• Christof Migone’s performances explore the sonic possibilities of simple everyday physical actions and how they navigate nervously between the controllable and the uncontrollable. They also consider the richness of the gaps in face-to-face encounters by way of sound and video portraits that oscillate between awkward intimacy and playful complicity.

    Migone completed his MFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Performance Studies at New York University. He has performed at Send & Receive (Winnipeg), Beyond Music Sound Festival (Los Angeles), kaaistudios (Brussels), Resonance FM (London), Nouvelles Scènes (Dijon), On the Air (Innsbruck), Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), Experimental Intermedia (NYC), Méduse (Québec), and the Victoriaville Festival, as well as many venues in Montréal. His installations have been exhibited at the Banff Center, eyelevelgallery, and other art centres in Canada, including Gallery 101. Migone has collaborated with Alexandre St-Onge, Michel F. Côté, Gregory Whitehead, Lynda Gaudreau, and Fly Pan Am. He is a member of Set Fire To Flames. He has released five solo audio CDs, has appeared on numerous compilations, and has curated a number of events in the sound and radio arts, including Ohmix (2000), and stuttermouthface (2002). His writings have appeared in Musicworks, Semiotext(e), Radio Rethink, Cahiers Folie Culture, The Drama Review, Angelaki, and XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics. Migone currently lives in Montreal.

    Tim Hecker is a musician and sound artist. He was born in Vancouver in 1974, and studied at Concordia University as well as the University of British Columbia. He has worked with a wide range of international and Canadian recording labels such as Mille Plateaux, Fat Cat, Tigerbeat 6, Alien8/Substractif and with Force Inc under the name Jetone. While his releases all bear the mark of an eclectic and shifting approach to songcraft, the constant maintained has been a distinctly emotive quality. Throwing aside the technological fetishims and ironic posturing so endemic in the discipline, his work has been an attempt to bring an organic sensibility through rigorous digital means. He has presented his work extensively, including performances at the Mutek festival (Montreal), Video-In Gallery (Vancouver), Le Mois Multi (Quebec City), and the Transmediale Festival (Berlin). He lives and works in Montreal.