Thursday, September 20, 1990 to Tuesday, October 15, 1991

    Another Picture II is the second of two exhibitions examining the practices of Ottawa-are painters. Each of these Ottawa-area artists produces paintings that investigate space, and perceptual distress in different ways. The use of powerful imagery and distorted spatial description are means to create paintings which may be an experience of projected emotional, spiritual, or psychological states. George Dupuis- A large dog walking alongside a wall suddenly becomes aware of your presence. An urban space is depicted in glazed colouring on a large scale. A startling. Sharon Katz- Recent landscape paintings by Katz describe a space that wraps around the viewer, investigating a radical twisting of perspective and implicating the viewer as a subject of the work. Jody Richardson- Rough and rude fragmented images collide on tattered scraps of paper and canvas. An unfettered imagination explores images of life at home, UFO’s, aliens and other strange happenings. Sue Rogers- A large triptych titled “An Ecumenical Embrace” is part of a project called The Search but not the finding. This single work is a personally charged, symbol-laden narrative that explores sensuous and psycho-spiritual spaces.