• Detail: La Vita Nuova - Water is a Love Story by Lisa Creskey. Tiny ceramic lifeboat filled beyond capacity in a raging storm.

    Saturday, December 9, 2023


    Join us for a conversation between artist Lisa Creskey @lisacreskey and Daiva Stasiulis - Professor Emerita of Sociology at Carleton University, on Lisa's exhibition TIDES, and the intersections of climate change resulting from human activity and the humanitarian crises that human-made climate change has produced.

    Daiva Stasiulis is Chancellor’s Professor Emerita of Sociology at Carleton University. For over 40 years, she has published and taught in the areas of migration and citizenship studies, intersectional theory, critical race and settler colonialism, and most recently, the sociology of art. Her activism has involved advocacy for groups with precarious status, such as migrant domestic workers and the stateless.


    No registration required.
    We ask all visitors to wear masks for this event.