Tuesday, December 20, 1994 to Saturday, January 28, 1995

    I believe it is possible to draw attention to the visual complexity of given situations, even those of seemingly empty rooms. In so doing I hope to change the architectural balance of the space – even upset expectations – but in a way that is subtle and unobtrusive, forcing the viewer to make a slow double take.” - Deborah Margo Between December 20th, 1994 and January 28th 1995 Deborah Margo, an Ottawa based installation artist, will be in residence at Gallery 101. During this time she will use the surfaces and architecture of the gallery as the materials for her installation. Beginning with the warm tones of the wooden floor, the columns that bisect and “pull” one’s eye through the space and the gallery’s thin walls, she will work to explore and subvert the notion that a room is bound by the surfaces that define it.