Saturday, August 13, 2022

    13:00 - 14:00

    “¡Turpü gelayay konkülenaliyiñ iñchiñ! / Never again without us!”

    Antonio Catrileo and Manuel Carrión, (Catrileo+Carrión Community)


    The Mapuche are indigenous people that inhabit Southern and Central contemporary Chile and Argentina. Nowadays, the Mapuche people face the misrecognition and violence of the Chilean Government, as well as territorial displacement caused by corporations' extractive operations. 

    This master class will feature Antonio Catrileo and Manuel Carrión from the Catrileo+Carrión Community, a Mapuche community of two spirited/queer (epupillan) people who work by articulating spaces of reciprocity based on their practice of artistic creation and research. In this talk, we will learn how Catrileo+Carrión poetics and political imagination offer a possibility to thrive amidst silence and historical omission about non-heterosexual Mapuche history. “Never again without us!” will explore the relationships between indigenous visibility and colonial violence through the radical lens of the artists while at the same time the artists will share possibilities to imagine other futures/ futures otherwise. 

    Furthermore, Catrileo+Carrión will reflect on the significance of being a community of epupillan, which means from the Mapuche rakizuam(epistemology) a two-spirited person, and who also have a special relationship with Itrofilmongen (biodiversity). Art is an exploration tool for the memory of the non-heterosexual ancestors (machi weye) who had a political-spiritual role in mapuche communities in the precolonial past. This master class will offer traces of our shared memory to differ from the Western notion of linear history, reflecting on how colonialism/coloniality has constructed dominant notions of gender and sexuality.


    All are welcome.

    No registration required.
    We ask all visitors to wear masks.



    Co-presented by Harbour Collective, Asinabka and G101.
    We acknowledge the support of Canada Council for the Arts for this project.