Saturday, August 1, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020

    For the month of August, GenderQueer Tarot has offered to donate 30% of proceeds from their readings to benefit Gallery 101's future programming. We're very grateful for this offering.


    About GenderQueer Tarot

    GenderQueer, or Niamh, (they/them) is a queer and trans tarot reader who hopes to share the radical healing magic of tarot with others. They use tarot as a healing practice, and work with the tarot architypes in a way that facilitates self-exploration, reflection, and healing.  Naimh's knowledge of the tarot has come from a wide variety of sources. Some of the folks whose work has greatly influenced their tarot practice include Lindsay Mack, Cassandra Snow, and Latisha Guthrie. The style of tarot Niamh practices has come from a lineage of teachers who work to be trauma-informed and anti-oppressive. They have also incorporated their own lived experience, as well as what they have learned studying Gender and Women’s Studies at university - their practice is constantly evolving as they encounter new information. 

    Tarot is a tool for self-exploration, reflection, and healing. I use it as a practice to support and ground myself in what is true for me. Tarot does not predict the future; it reflects back to us the present moment. Tarot can help us to see what is really happening in our lives and help to guide us in a direction that is right for us. Tarot cards are archetypes that reflect back the human experience. They invite us into different energies and help to illuminate what we cannot see. For me, tarot is a healing practice. It does not make our troubles go away, but it allows us to move through them in a more grounded, aligned way.

    -GenderQueer Tarot

    For more information and FAQ, please read through GenderQueer Tarot (@GenderQueer.Tarot on facebook and instagram)


    Book a reading

    Send Niamh an email at with your choice of reading (see below).  All readings will be kept private between Niamh and the participant.  Gallery 101 will not have any access to information connected to these readings.

    Please see GenderQueer Tarot's website for their price list. 

    To address financial barriers, Niamh offers sliding scale and trade options (no questions asked). Niamh honours the labour that goes into a tarot practice and also acknowledges their privilege in being able to offer alternative ways to access tarot's radical healing magic.

    Live Readings – a meeting will be scheduled via email and we will meet over zoom. I will shuffle and lay out the cards, then we will go through each cards’ meaning individually. After the reading, I will send you a photo of your cards as well as all the names of the cards written down next to their corresponding prompt from the spread in a PDF.

    Email Readings – we will discuss over email if you have a question for the tarot or if you’d prefer a general reading. Once that has been decided, I will do your reading within the next few days to a week. When doing the reading, I shuffle and layout your cards in the chosen spread (either 4 or 11 cards), then then I type up all the card meaning in the order of the spread. Email readings include a photo of your cards, as well as a write up of each cards meaning and the spread prompt it corresponds with.

    Recorded Readings – we will discuss over email whether you have a question for the tarot or if you would prefer a general reading. Once this has been decided, I will do your reading within the next few days to a week. I will video record myself doing the reading, I will talk about each cards meaning in relation to the spread placement. All recorded readings will include a PDF that includes a photo of your cards as well as the name of each card you got written down next to the corresponding prompt from the spread.