Saturday, August 8, 1992 to Saturday, August 29, 1992

    Co-curators Lynda Hall and Deborah Margo selected three projects form a national call for proposals. Their choices reflect the continual questioning and evolution of artist-run centres, and the definition and function of an exhibition space.
    Jason Grant-Henley and Nickolas Semanyk have transformed the gallery space using clues given by the actual site and the concurrent projects. Drawing on their architectural background, they have been used the building as a medium, breathing life into the very fabric of the exhibition space. Richard Nigro has created an installation of photographic images and text in three of the windows facing onto Lisgar Street. The work is exposed within and beyond the familiar lair, challenging the notion of the gallery as public space, and encouraging dialogue by its narrative structure. Calgary artist Jeff Norgren confronts the banality of the office space and the delineation between looking and working. Layering walls with imprinted corrugated cardboard, the functioning workspace and the workers are incorporated into the work of art.