• Tuesday, April 3, 1990 to Monday, April 22, 1991

    There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You presents Nigro’s new photo-works involving large-format back-lit transparency studies of the human figure. These pictures are accompanied by sound tracks. The installations are intended to suggest narrative, describing a moment in a life, fragile memories, which collectively describe personal truths. Richard Nigro states: There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You is concerned with communicating contemporary urban truths. While “folk truths” are found in commonly held and understood values and are most often expressed in phrases and fables, contemporary “urban truths” seem an anomaly. This may result from the cynical nature of our culture and from the dissemination of “scientific knowledge”. There are no longer folk truths, there seems to be little that is true, (or) that is commonly held to be true. The contemporary urban truths with which I am concerned are derived from more personal, intimate truths and if not commonly held, these are held and understood by subcultures within the dominant culture.