Saturday, January 21, 1995 to Saturday, January 28, 1995

    Ottawa artist Carl Stewart has created a three-part installation called TRUST. The first section of the piece is an 8-mm film that was shot in September of 1994. It features 12 local men posing in various states of undress that refer to early homoerotic photography, contemporary gay porn and turn of the century decorative arts. Images form the film were the inspiration for a large hand-woven piece of inlaid fabric depicting a man cruising in a park. Finally, a multi-layered screen was manufactured to receive the film projection. These three pieces will be brought together in the Projects Room of Gallery 101 on January 1995 at 8PM. “It was a while I was shooting the film that the piece came together. I asked the twelve men in the film why they agreed to gather on a Friday night, take off all their clothes and let me take pictures of them. Many of them said it was because they trusted me.” Stewart aims to privilege you as a viewer, allowing you to experience the bond of trust that exists between the artist and his subjects.