Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    Gallery 101 is proud to present the first of two vamp beading circles to be held at our gallery, with the first being on Wed June 5 and the second on Wed June 26 from 6 - 8pm. These circles are to support "Walking With Our Sisters: A Commemorative Art Installation for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada and the United States. 600+ moccasin tops are being created by hundreds of caring and concerned people to create one large collaborative art piece that will be installed for the public in various galleries and sites. They will be installed in a winding path of beaded vamps on cloth over a gallery floor. Viewers would need to remove their shoes to walk over the cloth and walk along the path." For more information on the project, please see the Walking With Our Sisters facebook group at For these circles, please bring your own beading supplies. This includes beads, beading thread, beading needles, material to bead on, beading designs, etc. These circles are intended for people finishing up their vamps for the July 15 due date. If someone would like to start a new pair of vamps they can find the Instructions to Artists and vamp template online in the File section of the WWOS facebook group Printed copies will also be available at the circle. If you would like to bring a potluck snack to share at the circle, we would welcome it warmly. Gallery 101 will be supplying tea and coffee.