• Black rectangle with gray text saying Black Lives Matter


    Gallery 101 stands in solidarity with Black communities, protestors, and the Black Lives Matter movement.  We assert our position in condemning state-sanctioned police brutality, dismantling systems of white supremacy and colonization, and seeking justice for BIPOC victims of police violence in Canada and America.

    As an artist-run-centre and contemporary art space, our awareness of current social movements guides our curatorial practices and how we operate. We acknowledge our position and responsibility in shaping ideas, narratives, and practices to promote inclusivity and the empowerment of voices that have been marginalized, silenced or hidden.

    To our Black community members - we are here to hold space for you, now and into the future. We are here to listen, to light a smudge, to learn how we can support your work, to nurture your practice through studio visits, to connect you with funding opportunities, to discuss professional development pathways, and to pay you CARFAC recommended fees for exhibitions, panel discussions, and workshops. We see you grieving, and we will be here when you're ready.

    Our space is not a neutral space. We recognize our own failure, in the past and in the present, in excluding Black voices in our exhibitions and operations. We are committed to rectifying this, and will soon release our plans to address and unlearn anti-Black racism and unconscious bias, so we that may move forward in a good way. 

    Gallery 101 stands in solidarity to assert Black Lives Matter.