• 13/03/20

    Gallery101 is committed to our community's health and safety. In light of ongoing developments and health concerns, we will be taking the following precautions:

    1.  Prioritizing staff health and social distancing:
  • Installation view of Le Dernier des Touristes. Photo by Francois Mittins


    We're so happy to announce Le Dernier des Touristes will be extended until July 16th, with a hybrid in-person/online workshop on the last day. 

    Click here for...

  • Text graphic on orange background that says "Call for Proposals 2022 Guidelines Annual Deadline April 15, 11:59 EST" with the Gallery 101 logo


    Check out our revised guidelines for 2022 - G101.ca/CallForProposals
    New: Check out our Proposal...

  • 03/03/22

    By Sinda Garziz and Andi Vicente with support from G101

    Deadline: March 20th, 2022 @ 5pm.

    Documenting the Undocumented is an art and advocacy project that sheds light on the barriers that...

  • 30/06/21

    Today we recognize 154+ years of Indigenous resistance.

    In particular, Gallery 101 recognizes the 154+ years of ongoing resistance on the unceded Algonquin-Anishinaabe terrority on which we operate. The following is a land...

  • 16/06/21

    Wednesday July 14, 2021. 7PM

    All are welcome. This year's AGM will take place via Zoom. Please register to attend.


  • 16/06/21

    CW (content warning): mentions of the ongoing violence being committed against Palestinian people.


    Galley 101 affirms our support and solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine in their ongoing...

  • 08/06/21

    Content warning: mentions of death, Indigenous residential schools, and the ongoing violence committed against Indigenous peoples. If you or anyone you know is Indigenous and needs support, the Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line...

  • 07/01/21

    It's important to note that participation in Expansion workshop livestreams is reserved for Black creatives. 

    Expansion workshops are a unique space for Black facilitators and participants to address challenges, and identify...

  • Alt text : Deux artistes Noir.e.s qui soutient vers la caméra avec une barre de recherche superposée sur l'image sur laquelle est écrit : Full Femme x Gallery 101 Image gracieusetée de Full Femme


    Gallery 101 is proud to partner with Full Femme Collective to host Expansion - a free workshop series for Ottawa/Gatineau's young Black Artists​

    From October 2020 to January 2021, ...