FAQ and things to consider when preparing your proposal 


1. Concept
How does your work fit into G101?

Your project statement should communicate the concept. Which part of G101's mandate/mission is reflected in your project? Feel free to copy and paste the sections that resonate with your proposal.


2. Writing
Be clear, concise, and honest. 
Please don’t feel any pressure to use academic artspeak - there are many ways to talk about art. 

Write in a way that will allow the Selections Committee to clearly understand your intentions so we can connect to the work.

If writing is a barrier, please get in touch to discuss alternative submission methods.


3. Images
Please send large, well lit images of your work.  

In your Image List, indicate which pieces you intend to include in your proposed exhibition, and/or which images are representative of works you would like to create for the exhibition (i.e., past work can be included in your submission to show your skills but won’t necessarily be included in the show).  You’re also welcome to include mock up images of what you envision for your proposed exhibition - our floorplans can be found on our website.


4. Local artists and the Ottawa art eco-system

We love supporting our local artists! However, if your proposal includes work that has shown in Ottawa/Gatineau within the past two years, your proposal must demonstrate a significant evolution of the work.  

Exhibition opportunities are so limited in the city; it isn’t fair to show the same exhibition twice.


5. Out-of-town artists

When possible G101 supports out-of-town artists by covering costs for professional art shipping, travel, and accommodations. We can also provide Letters of Support for travel grant applications, and/or work with Ottawa’s networks of galleries and embassies to bring national and international artists to G101. 

All possibilities will be considered with selected artists.


6. Group exhibitions

We’re happy to consider group proposals.

We may also curate group exhibitions if we find proposals with complementary themes/visions.

If you’re sending proposal as a group, there is no limit for the number of group members. Please keep in mind that the maximum number of images allowed is still 12.  You can decide how to allocate the number of images per group member.


7. New artists or new works by established artists

The proposals process is one way for G101 to learn about new artists or new directions in established artists’ work.  If you don't think you have enough pieces for a solo exhibition, you’re welcome to submit your work as an introduction or update to your practice (indicate “Introduction” or “Practice update” on your cover page).  This will allow G101 to keep you in mind for our own curatorial projects, including group shows that emerge from common themes among individual proposals. 


8. Timelines

When we receive your submission, our administrator will download your WeTransfer within 1-2 business days. You will get a response confirming that all files arrived safely, or bringing up any concerns if we have trouble opening your files.

After the proposals deadline, a Selections Committee made up of G101 staff, board members, and invited artists will meet to go through each submission together.  Depending on the number of proposals, this may take one or two meetings. 

After these meetings we usually have to narrow down the selected proposals to fit our exhibition calendars for the next 1-2 years (eg, proposals selected in 2023 will mostly be planned for 2025, with one space in 2024).

G101 is run by a small two-person team. We appreciate your patience in waiting for responses.


9. Accessibility

If our proposal guidelines present barriers please reach out to G101 Director/Curator to discuss alternative proposal formats: director@g101.ca or 613-230-2799

If you have any questions or need help with any of the technical aspects of the proposal submission, please reach out to  G101’s administrator office@g101.ca