François Dion

Gallery 101 (2001), 80pp, 53 ill. (33 col.), English, French, 8.5x10 in., 1896183115, tradepaper


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Four photographers delineate myth and reality of Ottawa as Canada's national capital. The politics of such a small national capital tend to overshadow the individuals who live there, favouring an image that is closer to a monument than to a neighbourhood. This book shows the real relations of individuals to this place, beyond the picturesque Ottawa promoted in travel brochures. All four artists' images reveal contradictions surrounding the presence and absence of individuals and, by extension, the idea and the reality of the city. With photographic essays by Marlene Creates ("Looking at the City of Ottawa from Ten Places Outside the Municipal Boundaries"), Lorraine Gilbert ("Somerset Suite"), Jeffrey Thomas ("Scouting for Indians"), and David Dybiec ("Ceremonial Routes/Disconnected Visions"). With artist birographies.