Jen Budney

Gallery 101 (2002), 80pp., ill., English, French, 7x5.25in., 1896183123, tradepaper


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Year of Publication: 

Gallery 101's Resource Room is a sunny space on our second floor. Since 1999, it has hosted seven artists' projects based on various ideas of printed matter and archives. During the same period, the Resource Room itself has grown from a collection of old magazines and archives of 101's past projects, to a small but dynamic and jam-packed research centre for artists, curators, and students. The artists' Resource Room projects have been designed to complement the function of this space by challenging and reformulating ways of documenting, cataloguing, and preserving aspects of our culture, by playing with ideas of narrative, and by calling into question the traditional reception of art through the artists' use of innovative and often reproducible forms: from bookworks to posters to file-folders to CD-ROMSs. This book brings together all seven of the artists we've hosted, but it is not a catalogue of their past projects at 101. Instead, the artists have been re-invited to submit seven pages of new material that may or may not directly relate to their original Resource Room projects.