The Animals Of Nature and Colour Of The Wind, 2014
I saw a horse on a farm in Eaganville. There were a lot of horses and cows. On the farm they grow food like corn and peas. The farmer milked the cow from the sack. The animals are soft and calm, kind creatures of nature. They have a lot of flowers to eat. They have nutrition in the flowers. Pochahontas said in a song ‘the colours of the wind’. Here we see a cow and a horse. We can usually see these animals while on a trip to the country. These domestic animals are living in a magical wind. We know that wind is a strong force but we cannot usually describe it in an artwork. Here Claire has given the wind colour and substance while it blows around the animals in their field. Patterns are visual relationships and this is a very good way of understanding how to describe figures in a landscape. Here the landscape comes alive as the wind takes on lines and shapes and the cow takes on aspects, shapes and colours of the flowers of the field they are living in.
H'Art of Ottawa