Sea Turtle In Crashing Waves On The Beach With Seaweed Movement On a Hot Sunny Day, 2014 • Sea Turtle, Moving Seaweed, Seashells In The Pacific Ocean , 2014 • In The Garden, 2014
Sea turtles (made in underwater in the sea) Seaweed Seashells Ocean On beach Rocky Waves crashing on beach hot sunny day turtle or frogs collected seashell sky ocean at museum or gallery in exhibits. Wave are crash move like seaweed on hot day and it is sunny in pacific ocean go slow and move slowly found in BC beach.
Jessica Whitney was born in British Columbia. She returns to visit her BC family each year and the west coast beach is always in her heart. Her intimate knowledge of the seascape is apparent in the many colours in each waving piece of seaweed. The pink sky tells us that once again, the sun is setting over the ocean as it sinks into the western horizon.
H'Art of Ottawa