Philomène Longpré is a multimedia artist who explores the interactions between the physical and virtual worlds. Since 1999, her focus has been on the development of reactive video art systems that juxtapose responsive membranes, virtual characters, digital interfaces and abstract sounds to elicit multisensory communication between visitors and their environment. Longpré has exhibited at digital arts festivals internationally including VIA and EXIT (France); Collider and Looptopia (United States); Coprecupa (Italy); BUDi (Korea); FILE ( Brazil); Nexus (Thailand). She has exhibited at Parisian Laundry, DX Center, Oboro, UQAM Gallery, Beverly Art Center, Life Museum and The Society of Art and Technology of Montreal. She received several awards including, the New Media Prize of Excellence from the Hexagram Institute of Research, the Octas in Digital Art, the Judith Hamel Award in New Media, the Pinsky Medal and the Stanley Mills Prize Purchase. She holds a BFA in Digital Arts from Concordia University, and an MFA in Art and Technology Studies from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She pursued her research in Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the DXARTS Center, University of Washington. She is currently doing an SIP PhD at Concordia University.