Saturday, August 13, 2016 to Saturday, September 17, 2016

    • Saturday, August 13, 2016

    Solo exhibition by Geronimo Inutiq

    This exhibition is part of Asinabka Fest's Gallery Crawl :

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    How do you feel? Have you listened to your instincts today? What is your gut telling you? All the combined fields of natural and social sciences have elucidated great intellectual theories as to the nature and function of what we do and the reasons and functionality behind it. To Geronimo Inutiq, the process of artistic expression is an alternative language to all that. Guided by some sort of arbitrary intuition and abstract sense of aesthetics, he produces cultural artifacts that have been shown in galleries and museums in the context of contemporary indigenous and Inuit art exhibits and performance - both nationally and internationally.

    The constructions he presents are but little windows into the world of contemplation - a contemplation that seeks to transcend the primacy of intellectual reasoning and rationality. Starting from an electronic music production background, branching out into video work, and visual art - through digital images and painting - the practice of sampling and remixing is at the root of his practice. With the reference points of traditional Inuit culture he got a chance to grow up close to, as well as the worlds of modern broadcast and contemporary art and design, the world as he can capture it through analog and electronic recording devices is the raw material he uses as the source to create and recreate. Working with both historical and contemporary archives and original material, he presents the meeting point of seemingly disparate cultural threads. And while we can go on and on about the socio-political context he produces this work in, ultimately he seeks to speak to our collective humanity through his particular subjective cultural viewpoint. He invites us to participate in an experience of inner reflection on the process of discovery of a connectedness to an intuitive process we all can be capable of.

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