Saturday, October 15, 2011

    General admission $9 Students $7
    Doors open 7:45 pm. Readings start at 8 pm Cash bar Zorras make poetry-music-video-weirdness fusion. With megaphones. They're known for their unique bilingual mixture of text, sound poetry, percussion, singing, electric bass, guitar and projected images. Zorras are visual artist/writer, Sandra Alland, and musician, Y. Josephine -- with occasional added visual flavourings by Ariadna Battich. Zorras are from Scotland via Canada, Venezuela and Argentina. Zorras have performed widely throughout the UK, including at London's Soho Theatre, Glasgow's The Arches, and The Edinburgh Book Festival. They have just returned from Berlin's Entzaubert Film Festival and 9 days of gigs in London. This is Zorras' first tour in Canada, and they are very pleased. Camille Martin is the author of three collections of poetry: Sonnets, Codes of Public Sleep, and Sesame Kiosk. Steeped in lyric traditions and influenced by her training as a pianist, her poetry is known for its meditative and musical qualities. Yet it also restlessly questions the assumptions of traditional lyricism, form, and narrative. Of Sonnets, Rae Armantrout observes that “in some ways, these poems are almost traditional," yet "in these taut, fast-paced, self-aware poems, the lyric meets 21st-century paranoia and sparks fly.” Carol Dorf writes that Martin creates “a world where science and myth intersect,” a “world of a mind reflecting on itself, the natural and built environments, time, and language.” And Jordan Scott speaks of “the magnificence in these poems, a poetic magnetic, propelling you to turn the page.” One of her current poetry projects is “Looms,” a collection of layered narratives. She is also working on “The Evangeline Papers,” a poetic sequence based on her Acadian/Cajun heritage and her participation in archaeological digs at an eighteenth-century village in Nova Scotia. Visit for more info.