Thursday, November 30, 1995 to Saturday, December 23, 1995

    Big Charlie Says There’s Something in the Eyes is a new exhibition by Ottawa artist Michael Wall. The exhibition is composed of 66 photographic images of the eyes of people, who at some time in their lives have had problems with their use of alcohol. The installation asks the viewer: is there “something in the eyes” which identifies former alcohol abusers? The artist presents these images in two different forms. Large-format 16x20 photographs are displayed on the walls of the Gallery’s Project(s) Room, while the centre of the room is filled with close-up images of eyes, mounted on cylinders. These cylinders are suspended at heights which correspond with different “eye levels”. The viewer is surrounded by and confronted with these eyes. The images were gathered during Michael Wall’s work with the Ottawa Recovery Centre, helping those who were experiencing problems with their use of alcohol and other drugs. The photographs have been selected and installed in such a way as to avoid identifying those who did not wish to be recognized.