Friday, June 2, 1995 to Friday, June 30, 1995

    Ali Käemh’s Biography is a project developed over the course of his residency at Gallery 101. The project makes use of photography, as well as time lapsed projections and video to build on the artist previous concerns with the problems of forced migration, refugees, war and the Middle East. “My experience in the Middle East, Europe, and presently North America has helped me capture many cultural tendencies; it enriched my insight into current Mid-Eastern issues. The work I do is based on my own understanding of war, revolution, and genocide. I am representing images of struggle juxtaposed with images of censorship and repression. My visual arts issues are not seen on TV screen, but instead are kept on the censorship shelves of mass media companies. The implication is that this kind of thing is not happening; you don’t see it, so it doesn’t exist. This censorship is no accident. My work Censorship is a symbolic re-creation and cry of the recent Middle Eastern civilian victims; their Unheard Voices. In this piece I want the suffering of the victims to speak clearly and directly. It’s the nature and structure that challenge the viewer on how involved he/she wants to approach the political issues I am raising. The installation’s occupation of the gallery space demands the viewers to make use of as many of their senses as possible to capture the essence of the work, and finally to take their own position.” – Ali Kaemh