Saturday, April 6, 1991 to Sunday, April 28, 1991

    Montreal artist Lorraine Simms will exhibit recent oil paintings as and works on paper depicting artificial hearts and other medical protheses-devices intended for implanting into the human body- in an investigation into the notion of the human as machine. Artificial hearts are used as metaphors for cold, emotionless human hearts, reminding the viewer of the disconnection many people feel between emotions and intellect. The artist regards her paintings as alluding to the predisposition in our society to see ourselves as a collection of separate, replaceable parts, — the body as a machine. This kind of thinking, the artist suggests, is strongly influenced by the values of the workplace and encourages us to ignore other aspects of ourselves, such as our emotions or our relations with the people. These paintings of medical protheses suggest the vulnerability of the body, and science's desire to compartmentalize and control (particularly female) human bodies through medicine.