Thursday, February 29, 1996 to Friday, March 29, 1996

    “The point is that mathematics and reading are activities of the sign, and the painting is also.” -Norman Bryson “… if Eco’s misgivings about ‘verbocentric dogmatism’ are justified in relation to the literature of semiotics itself, they are many times over-justified in other fields to which the terminology of semiotics has been appropriated, the history and criticism of art not least amoung them” Framing Painting is an installation which juxtaposes statements about art by established art theoreticians with a large number of small still life paintings. The tension between these theoretical pronouncements and the paintings is intended to create a space for reflection on the relationship between conceptual, text-driven concerns and aesthetics values. In the Gallery’s Project Room, artist Sybil Feinman has installed over 70 still-life paintings in a horizontal band. Running in a band around the whole length of the room, the paintings are framed both literally and figuratively by texts from such authors as Norman Bryson, Gaston Bachelard, Hal Foster and Susan Buck-Morss. Reflecting an awareness of the extent to which the experience of art is today seen to be conditioned by academic theory and art criticism, Framing Painting makes his truism a literal situation.