Thursday, November 30, 1995 to Saturday, December 23, 1995

    This new project by Cheryl Sourkes investigates two myths concerning the origin of human life: the scientific myth (the genetic code) and the cultural myth (the Genesis account). Sourkes sees these themes as inextricably linked- her work discards traditional divisions between nature and culture in favour of an interconnected narrative that weaves polarities together through mediation on language and its codes. Implicit in Sourke’s work are issues of gender and control. The work employs a mix of photography, sculptural elements and supergraphics. The layers and superimpositions of Sourke’s signature photographic images are combined with wall-mounted wooden cylinders and computer-generated graphics to produce a tactile impression of DNA’s transformation into protein. This representation of the physical in visual terms alludes to sexuality’s role in the process of creation.