Friday, July 28, 2017

    19:00 - 21:30

    Join us in the Golden Bus, as we park outside Gallery 101 in Ottawa, and host a night of music! Music performances on the bus by Bird City, Joyful Joyful, and Shopkeeper, and a beautiful exhibit inside the Gallery: "Intimate Entanglements" by Lindsey Wilson. Come see the bands in the bus, and check out the beautiful exhibit at Gallery 101! There are limited audience spaces on the Golden Bus, only 20 people fit comfortably, so RSVP ASAP to The Golden Bus Stop to secure your spot! $10 gets you a Golden Bus ticket. 

    “The Golden Bus" is a mobile, collaborative arts space built out of an ex-transit bus. The bus has many uses, acting as a recording studio, small concert venue, and collaborative space for other projects such as zine fairs, small-scale publication and album manufacturing, film screenings, traveling thrift store, etc. Last year the bus stayed local to the parking spaces of Guelph, hosting concerts by many incredible artists such as Rae Spoon, Wax Mannequin, Old Cabin, Julie Doiron, Michael Feuerstack, Michelle McAdorey, and Jim Bryson. It also hosted film screenings during Kazoo! Fest, The Guelph Film Festival, and the Guelph Comedy Festival. This summer, the Golden Bus will embark on its first tour as a venue-on-wheels, transporting and presenting Ontario bands Bird City, Shopkeeper, and Joyful Joyful on a tour to some of Ontario-through Eastern Canada’s smallest and most assorted delightful cities, with a final stop in Sackville, New Brunswick for Sappyfest! 

    "Intimate Entanglements" is the MFA thesis exhibition of emerging artist Lindsey Wilson, and is presented in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Department Of Visual Arts. Lindsey’s work is process driven and is grounded in an intimate relationship with craft materials. Working in a multidisciplinary fashion, but primarily with textile based materials, her practice investigates the complexity of bodily relationships to materials, objects, and the spaces they occupy. Invested in queer and feminist interventions in the production of art and knowledge, Intimate Entanglements is an exploration of the practice of dyeing wool with plant based materials, described by the artist as a sort of “kitchen alchemy”. Incorporating techniques such as weaving, crochet, and hand-spinning, Wilson’s woolly installation invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a multisensory experience that encourages a reconsideration of domestic tasks as essential to producing knowledge and constructing identities. Tending to the work daily, the artist’s body is implicated in the slow process of dyeing and the work becomes at once sculptural and time-based.

    "Bird City" is the project of Guelph songwriter Jenny Mitchell, also known for her solo project "Jenny Omnichord". Bird City is songs of nature, heartbreak, paranoia, confusion. That stark feeling of being alone underwater, surrounded by strangers on a bus on the highway at an early hour, in a field at dusk in the days preceding the migration of the birds. In its largest moments there are guitars and drums and bass and steel guitar and organs supporting the songs, and at its tiniest a single banjo. The full songs are still small, the solo songs still large, and in each case you are teleported to some strange space between hovering feelings that you’ve never quite found yourself in before. Bird City has just finished sewing together the final touches of an album over three years in the making.

    "Joyful Joyful" is a Peterborough/Toronto duo of voice & electronics. They incorporate sacred and folk vocal traditions with live layered soundscapes. In performance, vocals are delayed, shifted and shattered as worlds are built with drones, tapes and field recordings. They write songs about saints and love and sex and defeat.

    "Shopkeeper" is the minimal rock project of songwriter Scott Haynes. His song-craft seeks to find the high drama in quiet isolation, drawing the listener close with a mix of plaintive introspection and inspired warmth. Haynes’ vocal delivery evokes the spare loneliness of artists like Jason Molina and Julie Doiron, while his guitar channels the haunted melodies of Martin Tielli. Accompanied on bass by Jenny Mitchell (Bird City, Jenny Omnichord) and drums by Steph Yates (Esther Grey, Cupcake Ductape) the three piece band mixes rock and folk with passionate economy. Shopkeeper released a debut record in 2014 called Terror Blessed and are currently writing new material for a new record.