Thursday, November 30, 1995 to Saturday, December 23, 1995

    “The work and its title, refer to Diderot’s Lettre sur les aveugles à l’usage de ceux qui voient. Dideort writes to his lover, Sophie Vaillant, “J’écris sans voir…”, having returned late, he writes in the dark, the first time he has attempted to do so, and goes on to write that where his writing has become illegible, she should read that he loves her.” – Sharon Kivland An acute meditate on western culture’s obsession with visuality and geometrical perspective, Letters of the Blind evokes the flaws and gaps that attend the reality of vision. The work is composed of 26 oval, colour photographs of human eyes, filled with tears, on the point of crying. Chromed medical scissors –whose handles are reminiscent of eyeglasses – are thrust into the wall and supported linen handkerchief’s that veil the eyes.