Thursday, July 7, 2005 to Saturday, July 30, 2005

    • Thursday, July 7, 2005
    An exhibition exploring the fleeting and the ephemeral, the passing of the seasons, and bonding friendships. In Canada, we compartmentalise our lives according to the weather, hot or cold, our activities reflect our social interactions with the environment. This exhibition offers a contemporary look at Canadian summers as the time for travelling and experiencing key moments of passage, as well as highlights cultural markers and rituals. Dang. It’s been a scorcher today. It was close near impossible for me to stay awake out on the paddle-boat…I’d stir occasionally to find my arms redder than they were before I dozed-off, but my bottle of Wildcat still firmly in hand. Aaron and Rolf are back on the shore prepping the barbeque. They’ve perfected the art of a consistent and scorching hot, charcoal Q. Propane and brickets are two of the modern world’s most gratuitous accessories. Ben is out in the brush hiking with Darcy. They spotted a few wild quails scurrying about, and figured they try to expand tonight’s dinner beyond Bass and No-name Chicken Hot Dogs. I loves me a dog, at dusk. Growing-up in rural parts, the summer and country-living have always been intrinsically linked for these here boys. They revel in the tangible sensations that frame every minute of the season. When you’re lost in the sublime sensation of a midday lake swim, or taking the first bite of hard-earned meal, it but faster than you can reel-in a tug on your line, the summer fades before you’ve had your fill…here in Eastern Ontario, anyway. Dusty Boudoire (Snake Charmer, Fly Fisherman, Lover) MY SUMMER VACATION Selective memory. The tilting of Earth’s orbit. Bathing suits. There is a desperate feeling of instantaneous nostalgia surrounding our personal experiences of the summer. It furtively guides our actions, urging us to stay out later, chase a summer fling and hit the lake for a midnight skinny dip. This compulsion to latch on to these ephemera is at the heart of Locamation – Film Stills From My Summer Vacation, the debut installation by The Mercury Vapour Collective. Using photography, motion picture film, vintage props and sound art, the MVC aim to encapsulate their individual interpretations of the season in two parts: one, as an interactive dioramic vacation; the other, a walk-in scrapbook of said vacation, a re-interpretation of a fictional holiday. PART ONE : VACATION Growing up in various parts of rural Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, the members of the Mercury Vapour Collective share a common bond in their bucolic memories of summer, a simultaneous reverence and disgust with the myriad of clichés found throughout Canada’s seasonal industry. Part one of the installation merges tangible, disposable paraphernalia with multi-media representations of the season’s natural sights and sounds. Through the integration of video and captured sound, the interior of a dilapidated camper trailer is enveloped by the eerie glow of twilight, dream-like video footage of the outdoors, and the vast soundscape of the forest by night. Green Astroturf creates a synthetic crunch underfoot while the sounds of animal calls and disembodied campers swirl around the viewer. PART TWO : REC ROOM Locamation’s secondary element is an exercise in selective memory. As one might put together a scrapbook of a memorable vacation, Rec Room acts as a life-size interpretation of the desire to physically capture and store our memories. The participant is urged to leaf through photo albums of the Vacation element and walk past photographs of actual summer scenes. Live stills of the downstairs are captured in periodic intervals via webcam and displayed in a framed monitor, acting as a reminder of the mutability of memory and attachment. Text by Rolf Klausener The artists acknowledge the generous support of Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Productions and Mosse Head Lodge.