Thursday, October 28, 1999 to Saturday, December 4, 1999

    In the past five years, Levergneux’s art practice has incorporated photography and digital imaging as devices to express her interest with personal memory and identity. The computer provides her with the means to manipulate, edit, and expand the photomontage format. Levergneux’s work is focused on turning the autobiographical form into a visual narrative. Memoires expands on relationships between people, and between the present and the past. In essence, it is a collaborative effort between the artist and the people she knows. Using images and text, the books are a combination of how Levergneux sees the people around her and how they see themselves. “I want their input, their influence, their vanity; not unlike the relationship between the patron and the portrait artist”. These authorized biographies add to Levergneux’s continuing research on the theme of personal identity. This project springs from Levergneux’s long-standing interest in the celebrity biography genre.