Saturday, May 27, 2017 to Sunday, May 28, 2017

    12:00 - 12:00


    SATURDAY MAY 27TH is the the fourth annual Drone Day - a celebration taking place across Canada and internationally to create a day for local Drone, Ambient and Experimental music, for one massive community celebration. This year we wanted to create something really special, so with the support of Gallery 101 we are making May 27th a 24 hour community experience.

    Ylang Ylang
    Ziibiwan Rivers
    VJ Daisey
    Wellington Sanipe
    Current Status
    Golbon Moltaji
    Au Vol
    Fool's Paradise
    Infinities Astrum
    Tripple 7
    Le Pélican Noir
    Simon Labelle
    Old Man
    Anonymous Underground
    Obsidian Will
    Fantasy Blondes
    Hector Tovar
    Au Vol
    Fire Queen
    Paul Anthony
    A Bao A Qu
    Oyster Black Pearl Snare


    National Drone Day was brought into the world in 2004 by Weird Canada : -

    Local creators in our community and much loved community fam from out of town will be performing around the clock - exploring the range of drone ambient and experimental music from the familiar to the unfamiliar - with a collaborative jam every 6 hours for anyone to jump in and dive into of sound… BRING YOUR TOYS!

    There are a few MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE for participants and we are looking for volunteers.  Contact on facebook: UnityEMF, or email - come out!

    We start in the afternoon and will extend beyond midnight, into another day.


    Notes on the event___

    *Bring a sub mixer if you can, this will help make room for collaborative jams.
    *If you have any technical requests for an acoustic performance, please let us know
    *Accessibility is important to us, we’ll be streaming the entire event live.
    *Gallery 101 is an accessible venue, with an easily accessible, gender neutral washroom on the main floor. There will be small ramps at each entrance to accommodate wheelchairs.
    *Gallery 101 is an intersectional feminist organization with a commitment to maintaining a safe, anti-oppressive and all inclusive space for everyone.

    Gallery 101’s focus on inclusivity, curatorial exploration and research into multi-disciplinary art forms and social movements forms our past, present and future programming partnerships. We do this by providing artistic, embodied, relational, collaborative, performative and material strategies that build awareness about how contemporary cultural production can add to the greater discussion of decolonization and globalization in Canada.

    Gallery 101 gratefully acknowledges the City of Ottawa, the Ontario Arts Council (an agency of the Government of Ontario) and the Canada Council for the Arts. Gallery 101 thanks the Asinabka Festival, our members, volunteers, partners, and all our relations.