Thursday, January 18, 1996 to Friday, February 16, 1996

    PEEP: Beyond the Eye of the Beholder consists of a seires of large scale paintings on the theme of female adolescent rites-of-passage and experience. They are both narrative and evocative, based on a combination of autobiographical memory and fiction. The paintings deal with such issues as the formation of self-identity through certain shared and solitary experiences as seen in a scene depicting girls in a bedroom getting ready for a dance, squeezing into impossibly tight jeans. These works capture the tension, excitement and awkwardness of burgeoning personalities, sexuality, and bodies; and the self-consciousness that accompanies these transformation. The artist emphasizes the dynamics of the relationships between the figures; the intimacy of sharing of experience, as well as some of the complex undercurrents such as jealousy, confidence, and rivalry.