Thursday, September 5, 1996 to Friday, September 27, 1996

    Pulse. scan. fold is an innovative, multi-media collaboration between filmmaker Barbara Sternberg and visual artist Rae Davis. The Main Gallery exhibition combines a presentation of new video works by Barbara Sternerg with regular screenings of her films and archive documentation about her filmmaking process. Installed in the adjoining Project(s) Room as a series of Rae Davis’ paper works, made by the artist as a response to the patterns and sequences of Sternberg’s films. A special viewing device permits visitors to see from one space to another, reinforcing the connection between the films and the paper constructions. Screenings of Barbara Sternberg’s films are complemented by an ongoing installation of video monitors and video and slide projections. These in-situ works are an extension of the filmmaker’s practice into video and photographic media employing her distinctive approach to repeated and overlapping images and sounds. Artworks in their own right, these installations’ use of fragments and sequences from the films will provide gallery visitors with a different perspective on Sternberg’s methods of creating and manipulating imagery. A display of scripts, sketches and production notes offers further insight into the filmmaker’s working process. Rae Davis’ folded paper works were made as a specific response to Barbara Sternberg’s films. Davis has undertaken to transfer and translate the rhythms and temporal structures of Sternberg’s films into objects, which exist in space, rather than in time. Through a deliberate process of folding, creasing, crumpling and rolling the paper, Rae Davis has created an intriguing record of an activity whose traces, creases, marks and lines echo the both the films’ organization and the process of their construction.