Thursday, February 12, 1998 to Saturday, March 14, 1998

    Inter Place is one in a series of installations by Screen under the rubric of Space Arm Program; an initiative to project onto the future present the spectre of audio visual prosthesis – telepresence, surveillance, and life via remote control. The imagery is designed to objectify time as an interval subject to the labyrinthian space of the formerly public market (city) – mall/shopping concourse and its laws of time and money. The viewer’s form is transposed on screen, appearing to be dragged through a shopping simulator “ride”. They are able to alter the sound and image with their movements. This navigable structure that the viewer faces is an iteration of interactive designs as something that limits personal options, while the engagement nonetheless still gives the participant a sense that they are determining their own course. The encroachment of the spectacle on all of society reaches to mediate communications systems, living design, forms of play and entertainment. The proximity of the spectacle has an equivalent in the degree and resolution of surveillance one is faced with daily. In spectacular existence, the incorporation of the surveillance apparatus in human consciousness leads inevitably to an acquiescence to mediated realities.