Thursday, November 14, 1996 to Friday, December 13, 1996

    TV Trap is a multi-media installation dealing with the ways television has changed the way human beings interact with each other. The artist is interested in exploring the thesis that the influence of broadcast television has narrowed and diminished the range of emotions and sentiments that human beings are able to communicate in society. The installation consists of a series of cell-like chambers containing rotating stacks of video monitors roughly the size of a human body. Each stack of revolving screens displays the image of a character who appears to be trapped within it. The characters appear to be oblivious both to each other and to the viewer. Each character speaks a monologue, describing his or her particular situation, which the viewer will soon recognize as having been determined by the conventions of network television. The characters’ voices fade in and out as the stacks revolve, creating a poignant image of individuals unaware of the forces and conditions shaping their isolated and fragmented identities.