Friday, April 28, 1995 to Saturday, May 27, 1995

    My works borrows the formal structure of “testing” from the arena of science. I am especially interested in psychological tests, the kinds that objectively try and measure subjective information. They seem most analogous to discourses on art… constrained by social and historical sediments and subject to immanent collapse” – Jennifer McMackon With this project, Jennifer McMackon will inscribe the walls of the gallery space with titles and refrains of songs, in incongruent kind that stick in the mind playing over and over again. The entire wall surfaces will be covered with these tracings. Superimposed will be a grid of some fifty to one hundred doorbells. Some of these will actually work (and visitors are encouraged to try them out) and some will not. The inscribed or remembered sound from the lyrics will serve as lush contrast to the push button sounds from the plethora of doorbells.