Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    On October 17, 2013, after months of vocal opposition, the Mi’kmaq defenders of the land in Elsipogtog were attacked by RCMP officers and their dogs. What led to that confrontation and what does it mean for all of us living together because of a treaty relationship? We will touch on three related areas: Spirit: We feel such a connection to land that we will cry when we are told news of environmental devastation and distruction. We cry because we feel the pain of creation whose health has been compromized. Elsipogtog teaches us that our bodies should defend the land so that our grandchildren have something left to connect to. Legal History: The Mi'kmaq signed a peace and friendship treaty in 1761 so that the English could settle but not to trample Mi'kmaq interests; the land was never relinquished. Before they came for shale gas, they came for the timber, the fish, and the wildlife. However, look forward to modern times the Canadian Supreme Court's judgment in 1999 recognized Mi'kmaq rights under that treaty. What does that mean for resource extraction? Fracking: What is it? Why do we use the technology? What are the social and environmental impacts? What is being done and how can we inform ourselves and voice our opinion? For more information please visit www.niigaan.ca or faceboof.com/niigaanfuture
    Gallery 101, 301 1/2 Bank Street (upstairs)