Karina Bergmans

Jennifer Cook

Roy Lu, Minh Nguyen

Stefan Thompson

Raymond Boisjoly

Steven Hubert

Sara Mameni

Isabelle Pauwels

Ron Tran

Paperback, 5 ¼ x 7 ¾ in./62 p. b&w. ill. 2009


ISBN 978-1-896183-45-9

© Helen Pitt Gallery and Gallery 101

CO-PUBLISHED BY: The Helen Pitt Gallery and Gallery 101, Artist Run Centres.


$10.00 CDN, $12.00 US, 8 EU + S & H

Transcontinental Divide - Cover Image
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Transcontinental Divide grew from a collaboration between Gallery 101 and the Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver. The exhibition was conceptually based with 10 artists (5 from Vancouver and 5 from Ottawa) exchanging ideas to realize an exhibition in each other’s space. Two essays explore this collaboration, the catalogue also includes the artist’s instructions to each other. The exhibition was co-presented with The National Arts Centre’s British Columbia Scene.