Yannick Miloux

Artshow Edizioni (2002), 176pp., ill., English, French and Italian, 8.75x7.75 in., 8888554025, tradepaper


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Gabriele Di Matteo: Oeuvres 1986/2002 - Cover Image
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The trustworthiness of images and their interpretation, biography versus fiction; these are the questions that have concerned Gabriele Di Matteo since his earliest works. Starting with an “image trouvée” usually a portrait taken from a book, magazine or other printed publication - he then proceeds to 'translate' it into painted or photographic forms. His work is structured in sequences or series of variable length, each sequence based around portraits of famous people (Mozart, Machiavelli, Marconi, Boarges, Duchamp, Arafat) or completely anonymous individuals (the commercial demonstrator in Il Prestigiatore, identical twins, exhibition visitors...). Their portraits are enlarged, overlapped, or diversely treated through (flawed) repetition or successive photographic and visual variations, sometimes even delegating production of works to copysts, crafts-workers and computers. Under the false name of Armando della Vittoria, Gabriele Di Matteo has published a collection of imaginary biographies and directed eleven editions of E il Topo, a magazine produced in collaboration with a number of other artists. The present catalogue contains a wide range of illustrations showing the artist's work presented in chronological order. Different aspects are examined in the accompanying essays, underlining trans-historical and post-conceptual features and providing a portrait of a most singular contemporary artist.